Praise for The Stephensons’ Rocket 

Winner of a Writing for Children award in the Winchester Writers’ Conference: ‘a clear, strong first person narrative, with great immediacy … the humour is lovely.’

Jude Evans, Little Tiger Press

‘A great read – you won’t be able to put it down!’

Sandra Horn, award-winning children’s author

‘I loved this book. It’s a wonderful, heart-warming tale which perfectly captures family life and living with a rescue dog. … I suspect that this is going to be one of those books which gets read over and over again.’

The Bookbag

‘A well written and uplifting story that I would recommend to everyone.’

BFK Books

‘The sort of story that should never go out of fashion. A proper, human tale about engaging characters, told with genuine warmth and humour, it’s both involving and gently informative.’

Armadillo Magazine


‘A delightful book that deserves to be widely read. The perfect gift for our younger supporters.’

The Retired Greyhound Trust


Praise for And Rocky Too


And Rocky Too contains many of the same elements that made the first book such a delight: page-turning plot, humour, warmth, human interest, and a set of compelling characters … Jayne Woodhouse has, once again, done a wonderful job with this story.’

John Dougherty,


‘I love the Stephensons. They’re real … It’s Anna who’s the star though. She narrates and she has a wonderful, truthful voice.

Sue Magee, The Bookbag


‘The perfect ingredients in this story: adventure, children and a dog, will appeal to children in the 8-12 age range and is the perfect summer read or stocking filler for Christmas.’

Hall Green Retired Greyhound Trust, Kennel News


‘A heart-warming story of a family trying to overcome problems, aided by their dog. It has a strong “feel-good factor” and I can highly recommend it for children and young-at-heart adults.’

The Guardian, Your Books of the Year


‘There are mysteries to be unravelled and dilemmas to solve, and … Rocky is the family anchor who helps ensure a happy outcome. A great read for the whole family!’

Your Dog Magazine


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