Sunday February 3rd 2013.

Since moving to Salisbury last year, I have been lucky enough to feature in 2 publications.  The most recent is the Wiltshire Society magazine, which can be accessed from the sidebar on the website, but I have also featured in the Salisbury Journal which can be accessed by clicking on the picture.

Jayne salisbury

Wednesday January 2nd 2013.

My very first short story for adults, ‘Judith’, is now available as an ebook for Kindle readers (or download the free Kindle reading app for PC).  It’s described as a ‘chilling and disturbing’ (!) psychological tale – and is very different to the Rocky books!

Download today from these links!

For the UK:

For the U.S.A:

Please add a review if you enjoyed it! And do pass the links on to anyone you think might be interested. All best wishes for 2013!

*******************************************************************************Today, I’m taking part in The Next Big Thing, an exciting idea for writers to share news about work-in-progress. I was invited by the wonderful Sandra Horn, whose beautiful picture books and stories are such an inspiration. You can find all about her at

The working title of the ‘next big thing’ for me is Rocky’s Road, which will be the third and last book in the trilogy about Rocky, the greyhound. I’m not sure what the final title will be, though, as I changed the one for the previous book just before it went to press! I’m writing it for 7-11 year olds to read independently, though I hope adults will want to read this one as well. It will be published by The Clucket Press, a small, independent publisher who produce high-quality books for children. I expect it to be about 200 pages long and the artist, Joanna Williams, is going to design another of her very special covers.

All of the Rocky stories were inspired by a real greyhound, who was given a happy home when his racing days were over.I already had the outline for this novel, because I’d imagined the main events from the very beginning. However, other ideas kept getting in the way and I had to write two other books about Rocky: The Stephensons’ Rocket, and the sequel And Rocky Too, before I could fit these in. I wanted to continue writing about Anna, the Stephenson family and their friends and neighbours, but also bring back some characters from the very beginning: I can’t tell you who they are, because it would give away too much of the plot!

If the Rocky books were ever made into a film, I’d choose Michelle Collins to play Mum because I watched her in the television version of The Illustrated Mum and thought she was brilliant. I’d like Neil Morrissey to play Dad (though I’d insist that Brad Pitt audition as well); Wilf would be Ian McKellen with Julie Walters as Gran. However, I don’t want actors playing the parts of the three children – Anna, Darren and Marcus; I’d like to choose unknown boys and a girl instead, so if you think you’d like a starring role on screen, keep a look-out!

I think the closest books to mine are those written by Jacqueline Wilson: we both write about real people in real situations. Children in our stories have challenges in their daily lives which they have to find ways of dealing with. Michael Morpurgo is another famous author who has written about a greyhound in Born to Run, but I think Rocky is a very different character and his adventures are very different too.

So if you enjoy books with a fast plot and a sense of humour and if you love animals, then you may enjoy finding out about Rocky, Anna and the Stephensons for yourself.


I will be signing books at Waterstone’s, West Quay, Southampton on Saturday November 17th, from 11.00 – 15.00. PLease come along if you can – I would love to meet some Rocky fans!


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